Swiss Quality Information Security

Embedded Security

Embedded systems present complex security challenges for a multitude of reasons amon which are their complex hardware designs, their lack of computing power and their deployment in hostile environments.

Thanks to its background in Pay-Tv security as well as mobile application development, 0xcite possesses unique skills in the field of embedded systems ranging from smartcards to fully-fledged computers.

We can solve your problems in most cases regardless of the operating system or processor:

  • Architecture for secure embedded systems
  • Security strategy design and decision support
  • Security audit of embedded systems
  • Implementation of attacks and countermeasures
  • Protection against IP theft and piracy
  • Protection against reverse engineering and unauthorized modifications

Application Security

The majority of the security incidents are due to vulnerabilities in applications. Those incidents can lead to the critical loss, theft or tampering of sensitive data. Secure development is therefore a very important subject in the life cycle of an application.

With our expertise in secure application design and development as well as mobile applications security, we can help your company improve the security of its applications. We offer several services through measures targeting people, processes as well as technology:

  • Application source code audit
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Secure development and coding training
  • Secure service delivery on mobile devices
  • Creation of threat models for applications
  • Verification of secure usage of cryptography
  • Development of countermeasures (authentication, encryption, obfuscation)

Reverse Engineering

Companies often encounter third party software and devices for which they possess no documentation or source code. In many case they still have a need to know how said software works internally either to audit if it contains vulnerabilities or to assess if it violates patents.

We have a long experience and the tools for in-depth reverse engineering of applications written in the most popular programming languages (C, C++, Java, Objective-C, C#), including protected and obfuscated software.

Our services in Reverse Engineering include:

  • Security evaluation of 3rd party applications
  • Security audit of 3rd party embedded systems
  • Detection of IP theft and patent infringement
  • Product analysis for competitive intelligence
  • Re-engineering of legacy products
  • Forensic analysis of Malware and exploits
  • Verification of compiler output
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