At age five, Dominique Bongard began to learn programming on his father's TRS-80. He soon became fascinated by information security as he read the first press articles about computer viruses. As a teenager, he taught himself assembly language and started exploring the world of reverse engineering. In no time he was able to dissect the obfuscated code of early DRM systems, a passion that is still alive to this day.

In 2001, Dominique Bongard obtained his Master's degree in Computer Science from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland after finishing his thesis at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) in Denver, Colorado.
He then joined the Pay-TV security division of Nagravision (a Kudelski group company) where he worked until 2009 as a Threat Intelligence Analyst responsible for the detection and reverse engineering of pirate smartcards and other illegal devices. He gained a deep understanding of the security of a variety of embedded systems and microcontroller architectures. Additionally, as a security expert he was in charge of security code reviews and evangelized secure coding practices across the company.

Seeking new challenges, Dominique Bongard left Nagravision in 2009 to work as an independent developer for mobile devices. His main focus was on Apple's iPhone platform for which he developed the top-selling application "ibiScan", a live optical scanner for Swiss payment slips.

In 2011, Dominique Bongard founded 0xcite Sàrl, a consulting company specialized in Information Security for smartphones and other embedded devices. His strong skills in embedded systems' security as well as in mobile development are a perfect match to respond to the increasing demand for independent expertise in this domain.

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